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RSVP Cloud Based Monitor and Control System

How the Cermetek Remote Sensor Viewing Platform (RSVP) System Works!

  • Sensors connect directly to Wireless Sensor Nodes.
  • Wireless Sensor Nodes move the data to the Network Hub over a 900 MHz Radio Network.
  • The Hub formats the Data and transmits it to our Secure Web Server.
  • RSVP Web Hosting Software running on the Web Server displays the Sensor Data.
  • RSVP Software also permits Alarm Limits to be set and provides Remote Equipment Control.
  • RSVP Alerts users to Alarm conditions with Email or SMS messages.
  • RSVP sends Control Commands over the same 900 MHz Radio Network used to access the Sensors.

Introducing RSVP Monitor and Control

Cermetek Microelectronics is a communications company. We make products to move data from where it is generated to where it can be used. The RSVP Monitor and Control System moves data from the wireless sensor node to a secure web server permitting data access from anywhere, at any time, from any computer or mobile device. RSVP also moves control commands from the web server to the remote node. RSVP is a Cloud application for the collection, storage and processing of sensor data and system controls.

Wireless Sensor Network

Cermetek uses a variety of communications technologies within the RSVP system. A wireless sensor network brings data in from remote sensors. GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), and SMS (Short Message Service) move data to and from the web server over the cellular network. Satellite and Ethernet links to the web server are also available.

Block Diagram of Typical Wireless Sensor Network

RSVP Web Based Software

Cermetek created RSVP (Remote Sensor Viewing Platform) to provide Cloud based services for remote sensor networks. Services include collection of sensor data, data storage, data processing, alarm reporting, and remote system controls. The RSVP software runs on our secure web server and provides the user interface to the system. Authorized users can view the RSVP web site from any browser equipped device from anywhere with Internet access. This includes desk top PC’s, notebook computers, tablets, and smart phones. Strong passwords protect all accounts.

Typical RSVP Sensor Display

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